Readers due back and Library Books

Classroom readers and all library books are due back by the end of week 6 please.

All students will continue to have access to Oxford Owl, Study ladder (it has some great reading comprehension activities available) and Literacy Pro till the end of the term.

If anyone is free in week 7 to help us sort out the readers that would be just lovely and much appreciated.


Thank you


History Posters

Dear Parents & Caregivers

There have been some questions regarding when the History Posters are due.

Ideally we would like them completed by the end of this week, however we are willing to extend the due date to Wednesday 21st November (Week 6) for those who require additional time for completion. If children are finished this week, we hope to start presentations on Friday.

Kind regards

Mrs Simmons

Excursion this Thursday

Excursion this Thursday

It is getting close now!

We will be leaving school at 9am on the bus and are not able to wait for latecomers. We will be returning by the end of the school day.

Children will need to bring recess, lunch and a water bottle, in their own small, NAMED backpack.

 Please dress your child in school uniform for the weather on the day. A school hat is required and please ensure that they have their sunscreen put on at home prior to coming to school.

Thank you to Mel, Danielle, Loren and Andrew who will be our parent helpers on the day.

We are all looking forward to the day. I hope the history posters are going well!

Kind regards

Mrs Simmons

History Project

Two notes are coming home today about our History project…

One explains the project and the other is the interview questions and poster to record on for the oral presentation.

The oral presentations will be carried out on your child’s sharing day over weeks 5 and 6.

Upcoming School Concert

We have decided on our song for the School Concert with Room 12.

We are excited about our song. Many children have started listening to the song, thinking of actions and costume ideas!! Here are the words to help learn the song at home.

Excursion Notes

Dear Parents and Caregivers

Just a friendly reminder to return your Excursion notes asap please.

If you require another one, please let myself or Ms Bianca know.

Kind regards

Mrs SImmons